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Announcing the Recipients of the 2023 Undocupoets Fellowship

We are delighted to welcome the new 2023 Undocupoets Fellowship recipients Charlotte Abotsi, Mico Astrid, and Georgio Russell. Nearing our 10th year as an organization we are humbled and awestruck at the talent, vision, and range of aesthetics we have encountered year after year of offering the Undocupoets Fellowship. With each new cohort, we meet and are honored to introduce poets who challenge us to envision the possibilities of our art. ​This year we received more applications for the fellowship than any previous year, which means that our voices are growing as well as the need for them to be heard. 

Fellowship Overview

The Undocupoets Fellowship annually grants two $500 fellowships, with no strings attached, to poets who are currently or who were formerly undocumented in the United States. 


In partnership with the Fine Arts Work Center, new Fellows also receive a generous scholarship to attend the Summer Workshop program in Provincetown, MA. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition and housing for a one-week residency, as well as a stipend to help cover transportation and food costs. 

Undocupoet Fellows
Our Team
Our Mission

Undocupoets promotes the work of poets who are currently or formerly undocumented in the United States and raises consciousness about the structural barriers we face in the literary community. We believe in supporting all poets, regardless of immigration status.


Currently, Undocupoets is hosted by Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has been supported by grant from the Amazon Literary Partnership (ALP) and Academy of American Poets Poetry Fund, the Literary Arts Emergency Fund, and through private donations. To donate, please follow the link to contact our fiscal sponsor Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture and indicate your contribution for Undocupoets.

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